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4thID server rules:

Recent Changes are in WHITE:

1. We have ZERO tolerance for hackers. All players on the server are watched and anyone caught using a hack of any sort will be banned from the server without warning. The ban will be permanent.

2. We play from the crouched or prone position. No run and gun. You cannot run around shooting your weapon even when being shot at by other players at close or long range. You must stay in the crouched position at all times unless you are running away from a grenade or running across an open area to get to cover. Cover is any kind of structure or map feature. If you are near cover, you cannot run. You cannot run long distances just because you have a grenade in your hand and plan on throwing it when you get to wherever you are going. If your spawn is covered by the enemy, you may run a SHORT distance to get to the NEAREST cover so you are not immediately killed after you spawn. Running down the middle of the street is not running for cover.

3. No bunny hopping. Bunny hopping is jumping around and shooting.

4. No cursing or serious smack/trash talk. This includes abbreviations for curse words such as "WTF'. We ask and require that you respect the server and other players on the server at all times.

5. DO NOT NADE A KNOWN SPAWN. DO NOT throw blind nades out of your spawn. You MAY throw blind nades any other time.

6. Although you may jump from 2nd story or higher, the damage has been increased so it will cause damage or even death.

7. You must fire your weapon from the crouched position with one exception: you may stand and shoot to see over obstacles. Obstacles include, among other things, window ledges, crates/boxes, sandbags, bushes, the sides of trenches, small walls like you see in ruins, and terrain elevation features. You may run to throw a grenade AS LONG AS THE PIN HAS BEEN PULLED.

8. Arguing or disrespect to Admins will not be tolerated. Also, clan members do not need you telling them to follow the rules. We know what the rules are and we follow them. Just like everyone else on the server, sometimes we fall out a window or forget we are standing before we start moving. [

9. There are no spawn rules. Spawn killing is allowed as long as it is not done with a nade.

10. Type killing IS allowed. If you have something to say, you take your chances otherwise go to spectator if you want to be safe.

11. Keep politics and religion out of the game server. There is a forum on the website for such topics.

These rules do not change. Runners, spawn grenaders, bunny-hoppers, and 2nd story jumpers who the admins believe are unfamiliar with 4th ID rules will be warned when seen breaking the rules. Those players who the admins know are familiar with the rules and repeat violators will, at the admins' discretion, be burned, mortared, disarmed, cowed, killed or kicked by the admin. Continuous rule breakers will be banned. These rules are in place to make it a more tactical style game. Basically, if you would not do it in real life, dont do it here.

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