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  1. Hey, some of us play on RBNs servers. They still have all the CoDs going including Black Ops. Mods can be changed for CoD4. What was your game name back then? Good to hear from you.
  2. Yo bro. Glad you stopped by to say hi. Too bad not many people will see this.
  3. <p><p><p><p><p>Mw2</p></p></p></p></p>

  4. Yeah, I haven't read this in a while. Oh, hi.
  5. <p><p><p><p><p>Lol</p></p></p></p></p>

  6. I think we had this thread once but I can't find it. Not what most people think, BRAIN is from the character played by Harry Dean Stanton in the movie Escape from New York.
  7. Update, you DO NOT need a demo for an "advertised hack". These include: "Headshot provided by anyname.uk" "Double kill provided by etc." Be careful though, some players have a bind similar to this using their name. Don't ban them. It's just a taunt.
  8. There is currently no password.
  9. There are 2 options for sending messages on this site: 1. Visitor message - Can be seen by everyone. 2. Private message - Can only be seen by the recipient. Be careful which one you choose when sending a message.
  10. Attach all demos to your ban post. The first Officer on the scene will handle appeals from now on.
  11. Hello and Welcome to the 4thID Website! First, let me just say we are happy to have you here and that you have joined our forums. A few ground rules need to be established to promote good conduct both in game and on our forums (I know it's boring, just be patient and read them thoroughly). Most notably, you are not a clan member simply by joining our website. There is a clan application section on the left hand menu on the home page for the 4thID. Please make sure that you read our rules and philosophies, posted in the "General" section of the forum. The basic rules for conduct on our website are simple: 1. Do not curse here. We will not tolerate it. 2. Do not post obscene photos, videos, audio clips, etc. (This includes but is not limited to, pornography, offensive language, racist propaganda, or anything that could be deemed derogatory). 3. Do not argue or insult admins and moderators. We know the rules here and how to enforce them. If you have an issue with something, politely notify the admin that an issue has arisen (a Private Message is usually the best way if it's something sensitive, otherwise post in the appropriate forum). 4. Please, for the love of everything that is dear on this planet, check dates of forums before posting a response. As I said, the rules are simple. Now that the clerical stuff is out of the way. Let me again say Welcome to the 4thID Website! We are excited to have you here and hope that your stay is enjoyable. Feel free to check out the social groups through the User CP, as well as the arcade. Do you have what it takes to beat |47 in a game of Funky Pong?! If you have questions, ask them. There is usually someone on the website almost 24 hours a day. Once again, welcome and enjoy! 4thID Clan
  12. This list will be updated with players banned as a result of egregious violations of our language rule via chat log. * Denotes PBBan 01/08/2013: ROTU 8162b68cc91c207ff6e98f6ab2bfd546 <_SubZero_> c91802ab850a833c9260a713e4ce447c wwerawdown 10/21/2012: DEATHRUN 46cec11bc11421932d4b322eae5cd225 Kagz 88c78654b099f7f328785a45377c524c LMAO U ASS 2206e8915f19f72913c71b461d260544 admiral 165de692fd7a22b586751b79ae8272b1 Skrangeo OG b78b474834d1a925d4a8ca2a5f2d1bf3 ABIGS1020 0f29814f59a64225189d88701a46968a xiChapman 06488861f12c4702692fd848e4859ce0 blnt<3 bb515e39c23fd37e20cf24ad714c962f Apex 6b53dceb606b5119362e514f734add88 GBJ| Black 0df7a084032c11839d227243b1746e62 Georgey 4a20d6b93e688ed5e8dc9d7a81851a9d Luke 37a613584436f3a59a8a0d353ba8a69e axis 6b53dceb606b5119362e514f734add88 GBJ|Blacksnow f2febbff2dab04f5d729f5040712a3c3 Flying Pirate ad0978e7831c02da4810df9aefd99ea9 elyts Becker cfbdcbe24c7db00515a93f3548adcdec Flippy 4e8c3cec451a5ce5df54bd98f28ab404 KnightsCreed 6b53dceb606b5119362e514f734add88 exP' Jason d46bd4d591a99ccde18122697188fae3 BSAAxLegend 555dce1298e58206dbcbed8d70b8ae52 Astaulan e027f35383ef4478762735457ed2b81a janktu a138c770ac60e825778ba7a0966c7a21 eJ|Kaitor a85fcfc61d311d96f022a6e372d137bb [TPC] Killer 6ecfc4eb7ce7aa51651a5e76c6cb77d3 BrownieSundown 935413904befa12237ed230e2d9f35ec DeAtHruN-J0e 01132a99c28cf85d75b7902e752dac86 Loyz 8ba905796bdcdda12af3e32e8c816ffb blazingat420 80be1ba28ce3f3bf96961c4b1d2a8d24 um4d#Solo 2b6c4265196f82b9a22b2bcf4c4b076d 420blazeFAGGOT be739f1ed9cffac5d49a109d4793c7e0 zGhoost- 2d0f2ccc31eee95678face77b572f996 elyts CrYTeK d2efe01dd5ecf186115a42ec58469793 Merk 8497d50f37308268fb90129348a52d4c DaRe LuiGi 95413ee9f9576b100c76aae0a046516b DaRe_Snipez ec4107d6de9e53af4ad8dfdadee1f5cf DaRe StunzZ 1c0bfdee1ed9dd8e62329f074268a049 DaRe HamStatus 7fa6888d745d459c6722d6bb5070bf61 DaRe Octapus a1f37411c0942d3e174aa4d84681d827 DaRe Fag e6d98d1684aa4103a2ddc21031b0948d DaRe OREO d5f303ac7ad5d6d0d41acaaa00f30a25 DaRe Puzzllie b4f21e525d9e2107b17ac820a259482e DaRe nightforce 7eac3c31b94809f8f39ec2db26ef77e6 DaRe Vile d61d413c9f77d9570f7c0ba050ee34db DARE Reflex f688d72e77ea113c85d8b1727e299e49 DaRe Keys 1d3b345058e688c3c1ffa54a30732a9a DaRe |Remiix| 09/02/2012: DEATHRUN 35eee0027af075e5fb9266572e34ad4f N o o B e H <3 53b120fa721ef631ecaf5837f9f45d35 KCA*Rainbowdash 01132a99c28cf85d75b7902e752dac86 Loyz fea341f08948d57b52780f8a6b7b0eea CRUClAL b3a47f0e271ebe8a12aeb674d278dfb1 FUCK 2b6c4265196f82b9a22b2bcf4c4b076d 420blazeFAGGOT b5974a27dad76b9bd1ffc4a2bfe1f981 Kasaino - REMOVED 165de692fd7a22b586751b79ae8272b1 REMIZX 61d42ad7951c0397b3745b0e29bef60e cg5601 4383050a1173cadeeeea2411c0a53429 BAN U PDX 555dce1298e58206dbcbed8d70b8ae52 Astaulan db74807b2395b8862e8fd438939c0fb7 TB|zOrRaS 2206e8915f19f72913c71b461d260544 admiral 53b120fa721ef631ecaf5837f9f45d35 KCA*Rainbowdash 8fc2bcc1a9c79a3e96925c164b922c40 zed 07504e8a96539a3288f45b3e9c5e8671 'Greed 935413904befa12237ed230e2d9f35ec DollarFTW 9e9086d2b0c94e33dbc162d95632c4f6 Arizona dfb9fdb8c5f1f2fbdc98abb55de354f5 head(-*-)shot b4f21e525d9e2107b17ac820a259482e DIKASMASHA bf81cee81bf31929cb7c0f87aa4c8260 Remix'| CR7 - REMOVED a1f37411c0942d3e174aa4d84681d827 Mr_Namless - REMOVED - REBANNED 123baf53f9ed2c907dc43217f10ea778 ToXic_ShaDow 64d81fd4c58674651ce1dde7b95638ba FrantiC f3e5c583ce6a0ee718f42cb12f9dda8f GODISFAKE 6894dccb88199df974f7cdfa7d175f81 eV.$piderMaN 3c6c4fef58759630b636be2f07c27b52 DeAtHruN-J0e 0e4f752fd1aa231801d18dca809be74d Okay_Im_Done ef1476774b33aef384e8361533769400 > cd9b957fe414322f4199dec5c80a0b8f OPTIC ILlusiONz b69ded64ce1f37704d50b469c0e6632b Mudkip 01132a99c28cf85d75b7902e752dac86 Loyz 5e32c8da6f10f453f9bf078dd440fca9 FuRy_TricK e1a1ce444a8e8b92d8a61d4b6140171b ACE_LIKEABAU5 832448ed5287e3c88acbae3a22f78d98 DaRe PredatorXD f16f254f2624bccfb4684013c7a55fbb TheLegend 555dce1298e58206dbcbed8d70b8ae52 Astaulan aedb35e8c555586ecc09f169f31a6d7c Destroya - REMOVED f688d72e77ea113c85d8b1727e299e49 phantasy fanboy 2c606b4f6f236dd769b39ac9a8f3526a [FIN]memoria 88c78654b099f7f328785a45377c524c Creeper 07/23/2012: ROTU 2a4fbbe437564ed02bb86c2e1beee14c penislicker' ee2e0dc8c3e03126dad990170ed1bd38 CookieMonster 30e755e4a0ba35e977fa336001e267ba ikillyou 76f93e4cca3a823c2ea9b24653e5b9eb zJoesephhh 05d1143d7873a3f7fae65f0a3859ab00 KiDDO c88dc31981f736a9986df927a35fa30c fuck you f9d0183ff548432baf013b121c15c738 snowball 257ae7430b1015aa44df7a2369487bc1 Zzoa77 cee3efa95206b69c00623ec760302ac2 FuckinG-Virus d25561e7ff96b35f9788bfa25b1e03f5 Ace 4a6a4670a649e61158ccce767dc14606 FuckMe25 e6e9c6393c74b788eb812b4793f3241b MASHUP FEST 94f29c061e59fdaf23f52bc4261fa6ab The_Fuck_Guy a021bf5b507853cb16752774d8f47c7d Fb||xGAMOS91x 9d8ce0bb5a57b2e9079998b03fe6aae5 Promus b2503020e0a24a347b1f8d0e62935373 MONSTER_KIcK 3bf1058196fd6d65c2c6a52e23305c8a Soap ebf11f1149469039d860d2e06f67dad6 AitoVompo cb063a8d8de53a6830a079c67e05df44 J_Killa_F 744dc17443b537aa90daaad44ef642e4 Antidote e01f32baeaa3a10cd107ba019d213d0d Assassins_F 4e1993fc93bd5cc7e8bf727493d79195 Esseker 71a59353d0b753dbb59591cf38157e71 k1lla Droozy 6bc8f207b46b9afbb42c8bc7ec33e6c6 BAU5_PANDA 29bc56e262daed5703a1bf79eab36154 SgtPok 50dafa345ab8323f5002e6852003f39d Nigger 0e4175b76d0820ecca3144a592c48837 johns fat cock a021bf5b507853cb16752774d8f47c7d Fb||xGAMOS91x c013b338d24d88642ab100fcede2b1c4 <kl>opppo 0d0f0db8c2197e09bedc8b8fbd72a170 FEARME f033c157fc54d34fa8430eb97885419a pbnj 0609546b684f2a5c895dfcaf053bcae9 WeeWee ff32b6a21972153c8bb5dcff0a2e8ee9 Eric0720 6fc6a76a12343fccaf865430b90b5f24 itsnick 2cba0eecf7c995891dc9d4a7815e4971 luke fbdd3b8332e92a068c7b0a1b671dc7ba xGoDLyZz Xx 05/11/2012: 19ffaabda20e8be4c53421acaf026457 }JFL{ ShockWave - 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G Den 5 - COD4 ALIENS 10/29/2009: 1376202 D3^0Vo^2!^0d Pur^2e - COD1 CROUCH 1550498 {cNc}Deathdealer - COD1 CROUCH 1878098 {cNc}Darksoul - COD1 CROUCH 644537 GeldersGif. - COD1 CROUCH 194955 ^1pl0x - COD1 CROUCH 1783016 Camillo - COD1 CROUCH 1428384 hot Pocket and water - COD1 CROUCH 1884926 Bjorny Killah - COD1 CROUCH 1618515 Neut - COD1 CROUCH 1852556 frederik dk - COD1 CROUCH 1277967 ......... - COD1 CROUCH 1582555 #getFUCKED~go0fy - COD1 CROUCH 1753962 American Eagle - COD1 CROUCH 1060892 R.Zimmerman - COD1 CROUCH 1883501 jordy - COD1 CROUCH 1840521 $$Dollar$$ - COD1 CROUCH 1720910 |IKF|KaKa - COD1 CROUCH 85938735b10c0fcbc72f338021fceaa7 XTAC - COD4 ALIENS 29f5649060c2fbf7848dbaaccd835699 fuckallemos - COD4 ALIENS 5476570c12560aa920bda2e5ce1638f5 Kane - COD4 ALIENS 5743c38a016cf56f43af5a71311a4f52 Stels - COD4 ALIENS 2bdc74d51dfa340c091e1acc37762ea3 ...T... - COD4 ALIENS* 529f8a143783b0bea5229718a056c46a Unlimited.Inc - COD4 ALIENS 2de90c60c6b1ac050c0fd9e5b5233030 ='N3o||Quentin| - COD4 ALIENS* 5fcee755a606543fbb542f608b4adbcc rablerable - COD4 ALIENS* 4c844466890030199cca0d0986b098ed Grick - COD4 ALIENS* e932f095ba6b0eb543632e2436ae31b1 [DD]Fletch - COD4 ALIENS* fa520ee8ae92dfb1907a2d94742e21d0 bobbyboy6789 - COD4 ALIENS c36dadabf4932e761a570bb471609b43 Fat_Kotte - COD4 ALIENS dc88e4407ba64749819a7b3521e2f68f dead-now - COD4 ALIENS 87c885be3ecb3d55aaed886d4a6703c5 ::LAW::Chew 30 - COD4 ALIENS 249fc828b1a8d859c6cbc8b753eada56 5pL/T3r|V3n|) - recruiting - COD4 PAINTBALL b239c3dbb463a7da54da075fce5a0a20 DeToX - admin? - COD4 PAINTBALL 955147b4509847f6e6a4d6b13df5a7c0 FUCK YOU BITCH - COD4 PAINTBALL 5f74d294f700ac1ecd8a2fc6a1d71cba codmr-x-de|Bash - COD4 PAINTBALL 63cd34cdc412f24b01fa11c1eb3259d0 (ALPHA)javie555 - COD4 PAINTBALL 5fb89d1c0523e975b7ea0f3c6fa36d1d Murowlowskiiiii - COD4 PAINTBALL* fa520ee8ae92dfb1907a2d94742e21d0 bobbyboy6789 - COD4 PAINTBALL c0a6b5c1e2b58e1d9443d1000f42cbb8 W.kill{NL - COD4 PAINTBALL* f0a75ac2747c33fc5e043371fe91d7d1 XtremeTroop - COD4 PAINTBALL 70219d05c7cc2d81f3903a8423b36ad6 D3ATHWISH 998 - COD4 PAINTBALL 10/23/2009: d6ed81c8606c7601e43075f985d4433f +ExE+AnAngel* - COD4 ALIENS 10/04/2009: d628eac3edaee80444630007c13a95b5 =ExiledShadow= - COD4 ALIENS 4da423b3d21fd3414564ddd45b30be75 =RS=iTuneuout - COD4 ALIENS 10/01/2009: 1e9496ec6bc0bcd1d33918a866d4da8a simen97 - COD4 PAINTBALL 55baec2591dd8ac0aef26bc4501b5c89 moolah - COD4 PAINTBALL* daaceb1161c9ab4818a987152a6ecdc4 =tbk=ice cream - COD4 PAINTBALL 097c0003ca31195d8b14897ed16a539d **=USMC=** - COD4 PAINTBALL 93fa0198f92be62fb4b4c7bb80f7f735 =RP=Magnus - COD4 PAINTBALL 5ec6cd110e61d905eeaaa406de1923da To1337toB337 - COD4 PAINTBALL d62a39f980d50c5c76ffc4664bba5396 |DSA|Tiller - COD4 PAINTBALL 86dcdc5ffdd765b49a677b71b19c906d Tamerath - COD4 PAINTBALL 96936e42743c95d627b2f05686daff4c {3nVy} B$ptmule - COD4 PAINTBALL 83b3c33131af6f654755434d2751192e |FUN|Suki - COD4 PAINTBALL 0167dffe42c8728309b8d31181928817 -ASI-Smokin - COD4 PAINTBALL 33b38556cbe8489539d97729a591bb62 *|SS|*MOUSE - COD4 PAINTBALL d27bbb546c8e534a912526d7f65dbe00 piastone - COD4 PAINTBALL 9/30/2009: 96936e42743c95d627b2f05686daff4c {3nVy} B$ptmule - COD4 ALIENS 85df58acf26b8c870e7f95ba8046ee3b Noway - COD4 ALIENS 9d8d6025842c2b75135ddcceb9e5fe10 UnderTakeRbmv - COD4 ALIENS 133b814c52132e90442635b3450fafff //ELITE//$n!per - COD4 ALIENS 5606f35c875673ff8362df30b8aa75d0 BigMama - COD4 ALIENS* f126adbae0ad34d8d2b5bd6090fe200e Tom123456 - COD4 ALIENS 5401bd0db726eb7dabe12b6e4dd2160c TissJeBoy - COD4 ALIENS df45cdbe9113ed9edf4872af27db817f C|Ra#| Qwerty - COD4 ALIENS 9d2a55959de37d29678fa5a9c90cff71 Mr_Kleen - COD4 ALIENS 9/10/2009: 1550498 {cNc}Deathdealer - COD1 CROUCH 9/07/2009: 11a7b279252e8b127695c90d47268359 *{BD}*highliter - COD4 PAINTBALL e6e55b1add3007e5d4f531f5e37c74e2 {ETW}Ellebra - COD4 PAINTBALL 8395e9d66391a4cdfc4514d4fcdd970f [WMC]*DoDo1942+ - COD4 PAINTBALL ef3ab278020573c19db612b18c14289d [MAD]KillaFreak - COD4 PAINTBALL* b12a2f943717825c1d5f10165feff963 Etnies - COD4 PAINTBALL f62fee81006079ce010c33ef73972c1b a wigglytuff - COD4 PAINTBALL 1160cef2788198b1968358c73e5a791e semicolon - COD4 ALIENS 8b153ec03d8170825500198ff8488b9a SPARKz. 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  13. Thanks to a few morons you must now register on this site and post here requesting our TeamSpeak password. You will receive a PM if approved. B
  14. Eloquent as usual Dredd. LOL. Let's start with spawnkilling. They should not be banned.
  15. Actually, anyone can do it. Just make sure you're not going over the same pages. I have a list somewhere of my bans that weren't for hacking. I'll check it out. You guys do the same if you have time.
  16. I've been thinking about this for a while. If someone *cough* Razr want's to go through the old bans and give me a list, I'll remove spawnkilling bans immediately. Unless they protested, players who's bans were not posted are out of luck. Of course we could all go through our ban records that I'm sure everyone kept. If the ban was not for hacking or a "special circumstance", all past transgressions will be forgiven. Up side: more activity on the servers. Down side: more possible morons on the servers.
  17. That's just the first 5 pages since 4/08.
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