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  1. Heflin check your PMs.
  2. Well what I am compiling is a last with 3 bits of info. Their alias, their GUID and the reason they was banned. I am reading over each individual ban post and sorting through them. No hack bans are going to be listed as well as some severe disrespectful bans such as bashing admins (especially name calling) and racist remarks. You can then unban who you wish to from their Brain.
  3. Well its your guys call if you want to unban the non hackers. I have already went through 6 pages of bans (out of 22) and have about 50 people that have been banned for things like running, language and tking. Just let me know before I go any further. I am actually on the clock while I do this so I am getting paid to read forums. Gotta love being able to work from home. I see a few people in paint. I will check back later.
  4. You should do something about that cough Brain :tongue: I will go though the old forums and compile a list of GUIDs that can be lifted. We could use more players in the server and like Rid said reban them if they are still morons.
  5. Good question. I know we was posting all hack bans, or were supposed to be. And at one time we posted all bans regardless of what kind of ban it was. Even though it would be a bit time consuming we could probably go through some of the old posts and lift the bans for things like spawnkilling, running, language, etc to try to pick back up some of the server flow in COD1. Give some of these guys a second chance and hope they have matured some over their ban time.
  6. How many are going to be lifted because they were non hacking bans?
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